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Last night we created the new 084myradio header above and thought it would be nice to bring a little history into it.Starting during World War Two when radio basically was introduced properly as a communication platform all the way to today where we are listening to radio online through smart devices. The interesting part of this journey of roughly 90 years is that radio has managed to evolve with the time and that it still is so intimately part of our daily lives.

Post 2014

Often the question today is asked “if radio will still be around next year?”, so judging by the history the answer is evident. The music industry goes through the same every now and then. Remember when we said that the CD will be the end of music as we know it (by then we knew of cassettes or tapes and vinyl records). Everybody said that the copying of music would be made easier thus lead to the end of the music business. Yes, it often means the end of the industry as we know it, BUT NOT THE END OF THE INDUSTRY.

Again we face this scenario in radio. Will we still listen to radio on the conventional radio set (as we know it today) after 2014? The change to digital broadcasting will bring a whole new list of opportunities, and some features (as we know it currently) will subside. The trick probably is to not worry too much of what it’ll bring (we’ll not be able to predict it anyway) but to be adaptable enough to survive in the business.


I’m excited about what the future holds. The best thing is that we are still in our baby shoes when it comes to change. Other countries (i.e. European and American) are so stuck in their “old” ways that they’ll probably take longer to adapt. The other great advantage is that nobody before has done radio this way and although we may make mistakes we’ll be the first generation to broadcast totally digital.

Much like the Olympians at the 2012 games, being the first Tweeting Olympians!

Header photo by davydubbit


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